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This is the Batphone? Dmobo shows its i-Rock M8

Chris Ziegler

We're not confident this phone's meager 96 x 96 OLED display is fitting of Bruce Wayne's dapper image, but that's not stoping Dmobo from showing their Batman-themed i-Rock M8. Targeting a decidedly... uh, different demographic than the Pooh-themed P700, the pebble-shaped (PEBL-shaped?) candybar actually seems to hold its own (if you can get past the crappy display) with a music player, 128MB of internal storage, Bluetooth with A2DP, microSD expansion, and a veritable cornucopia of Batman-themed goodies in memory. Needless to say, we won't be flying to a Chinese territory any time soon just to pick one of these up -- but if Batman's your thing and you happen to be in Hong Kong, we're not about to throw a wet blanket on your fun.

[Via iTech News Net, thanks lionsense]

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