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Click to win a PS3 for Child's Play

GamesFirst's Aaron Stanton called us this afternoon to ask a favor. You see, somehow he managed to get himself involved in a contest with 103.3 KISSFM (they're Boise's #1 hit music station y'know). You can read all about the competition -- and Aaron's charitable goal to give the prize, a PlayStation 3, to Child's Play -- at GamesFirst ...

... done reading? Good. Then you'll be even more disappointed to learn that Aaron got voted off the island the mall after the first day! The good news is fellow contestant Hollan has assumed Aaron's torch and, if chosen as the winner, will donate his new PlayStation 3 to the Child's Play auction dinner going down on December 13th. In order to greatly increase the chances of that happening, we're asking you to go to KISSFM's website and "vote for Hollan to win." If won, they're going to try to get the nice people in Redmond to write some encouraging words on the system to enhance its auction appeal. So, how about it?

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