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Microsoft releases Windows Vista Business


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They're billing it as the "most significant product launch in Microsoft's history," so why not let them have their fun? Microsoft busted out Windows Vista Business today, along with Office Professional 2007, and a slew of other business, server and enterprise-related products. The day's festivities took place at NASDAQ, where Microsoft's Steve Ballmer and Christopher Liddell rang the opening bell this morning, followed by a day of hyping up the offerings to prospective volume-licensees. Microsoft expects over 200 million people will be using at least one of the products offered today by the end of 2007, and no matter what your stance on Microsoft and Windows, it's hard to argue with the impact of these softwares. So yeah, we could dwell on the considerable delays Microsoft experienced leading up to this release, or conjecture how long it'll take for 0-day vulnerabilities to emerge in this shiny new OS, but instead we'd just like to wish Steve Ballmer and co. the best of luck with Vista, Office and all the trimmings. There, now that we've gotten that out of our system, let the bug-finding begin!

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