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Possible article of James Kim's clothing found in Oregon wilderness

Ryan Block, @ryan

With Kati and the Kim children safely recovered from the Oregon wilderness, the search has been on since yesterday with renewed vigor to find James Kim, the missing and much-missed senior editor at CNET. He left his family Saturday in search of help, and has been missing since. Today apparently trackers found a pair of jeans in the vicinity of the search which are thought to belong to James. It's yet unknown whether these do belong to James, but if so it's puzzling why he would have dropped or shed these pants in the bitter-cold Oregon outback. Apparently James left equipped with a heavy jacket, sweater, and a couple of lighters, although nothing was mentioned about spare pants. More as we get it.

Update: Oregon officials in a press conference this afternoon have stated their search is continuing; aside from the article found earlier today, supposedly another article has been spotted, although not yet recovered. The search is primarily taking place right now in the Big Windy Creek drainage area, which is five miles long, and roughly five miles away from the car site.

As we understand it, the National Guard is enroute for more searching tonight. Due to the terrain officials are still having trouble getting into at least one particular search area. When asked why he dropped into the ditch: "I don't know, I'm looking forward to asking him that personally. ... We're operating under the assumption that he is alive, and won't stop until we find him."
"This is frustrating, we are so close."
"We are treating this search like we are looking for one of our own family members."
"If I run out of resources I'll call for more help. But we want to stay away from private citizens volunteering."

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