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Servers back, without arenas

Eliah Hecht

After today's "unexpected" delays getting everything all patched up, many of the realms seem to be back online, and I imagine the rest are not far behind. However, to get this done, Blizz had to temporarily turn off the arena battlemasters, so we won't get to try out the arenas just yet (remember, unlike battlegrounds, arenas have no entrances in the overworld, so the only way to access them is by going to a battlemaster):

  • We have temporarily disabled the battlemasters for the arena system due to an issue that appeared during our patch implementation today. We anticipate this issue to be resolved by tomorrow and we will provide an update once the battlemasters and arenas are available. The issue will be able to be resolved with a hotfix while the realms are live and should not require any additional downtime. The battlemasters for the battlegrounds will still be available during this time.


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