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BenQ apologizes for WTC ads, kind of

Ryan Block, @ryan

So Ben Chu, BenQ America's President, has apparently sent out an apology letter to people who wrote in to complain about the totally tasteless WTC ad from the other day. While we'd have liked to have seen BenQ be a little more forthright with its apologies and maybe send them to, say, media outlets that covered the flub, at least Ben was kind enough to draft a boilerplate and send it en masse to the offended. Thanks. Text after the break.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Dear [name],

I am writing to you in response to your email below. BenQ deeply regrets the running of the ad in China. We have taken immediate action to remove it.

BenQ apologizes for the feelings this regretful incident may have caused.

We assure you that we have put a process in place to prevent this type of incident from happening again.


Ben Chu
BenQ USA Corp.

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