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Uni version of Mactracker released


Everyone has their indispensable, go-to utilities for the Mac, but for my money (that is, no money at all) you can't find a better reference tool for vintage Mac support than Ian Page's obsessively complete Mactracker. As noted previously on TUAW, it's great for figuring out RAM requirements and OS compatibility for anything Apple has ever shipped out the warehouse door in Cupertino.

One thing it hasn't been, up until now, is a Universal Binary. Since the REALBasic environment Ian uses started gracefully popping out those two-faced apps in early October, Mactracker has now caught up and the 4.1 release has all the Intel goodness one could wish.

Read on for additional new features, courtesy of the Mactracker blog...

- Adds latest Apple hardware
- MacBook models have been moved into their own category
- Adds "My Mac models" list to "Notes" tab of Mac info windows
- Adds "My Mac models" category in the main window which shows models with entries in their "My Mac models" list
- Adds option to show a model's icon in the main window
- Adds information on whether a Power Mac G5 model uses a built-in or external AirPort antenna
- Adds information on the current iPod software version
- Adds Motion Sensor as separate entry rather than as an addition to Hard Drive entry
- Adds ability to link to info windows using the "mactracker://" URI scheme

and other nice, homey touches. Go get your copy (free, Free, FREE) and remind yourself exactly what an SE/30 (pound for pound, my favorite all-in-one Mac) startup sounded like.

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