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Burnout Dominator announced, again


After getting its spot blown up, EA was forced to come clean about Sony-exclusive Burnout Dominator. As previously divulged, the game will be released for PlayStation 2 and PSP (a separate Burnout is in development for PS3 and Xbox 360). Criterion refers to Dominator as a celebration of the franchise's roots, as it debuted on PS2 five years ago -- in other words, there's still a huge install base to reap profits from.

It seems that Dominator will be an inelaborate installment, as neither version features online play (excluding ad hoc support for PSP); and Criterion hasn't bothered with snazzy 'CrossTalk' bonuses. Instead, the developer will include a series of skill-based challenges that highlight the addictive elements of the series.

It's the same ol' crack, but there are still plenty of us smoking. Dominator is due early next year.

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