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You know that handy feature in iPhoto where you click the Email button and it launches your default email client and attaches a perfectly-sized pic for you to share with whomever you wish? If you use or Entourage or Eudora or even AOL that feature works great. But what if you use Gmail as your default email client? You're out of luck... Until now! Juan Leon has whipped up an iPhoto plugin that lets you use Gmail to send photos directly from iPhoto.

Once installed you'll use the Export menu dialog to access it. The only catch, and hopefully this will change further along in the development process, is you lose the spiffy resizing options that the built-in iPhoto Email handler uses. Instead, if your pic is already smaller than 800x600, you just send it "full size." If it's larger than 800x600, then select the "Send Scaled" option and it will shrink it to 800x600, which is generally small enough for you to send to most people.

iPhoto2Gmail works with iPhoto 5 and iPhoto 6 and it's Universal Binary. It's also donationware, so if you use it, consider tipping the developer.

Juan says "I used this as an excuse to get my feet wet with Cocoa and all the neat new Xcode features.This is the result... so far. It is still a very early piece of software, probably has many bugs, and is rough around the edges. I hope to improve on it and that it will be useful to some folks."

I tested it. It works as expected. Makes my life easier. I don't ask for much more than that.

[via Hawk Wings]

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