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Left Behind Games ordained with Big Huge Games engine


Gamespot has an interview with Left Behind Games' CEO Troy Lyndon -- whose game, Left Behind: Eternal Forces, they gave a 3.4 to -- about the upcoming sequel to Left Behind and expansion pack for the original game. For the sequel Lyndon says they've acquired the rights to use Big Huge Games' RTS engine. Big Huge Games is the company behind the Rise of Nations titles.

In the interview Lyndon discusses the criticism the Christian based game has received from religious leaders; however, this shift to a completely different game engine is quite dramatic for the company. Left Behind: Eternal Forces cost $27 million and the engine was built from scratch, but he says, "We have specially built our game in such a manner that the technology behind it is separate from what makes it work as an RTS. Accordingly, we can change from one engine to another without a complete rewrite of the code." With the licensing deal Left Behind's sequel will have some technical staff from Big Huge Games to assist in development. Let us pray that it's a better game. The sequel will be out in 2008.

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