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Crossbow in the wild (on a Hermes, no less)

Chris Ziegler

After observing that Crossbow (the next version of Windows Mobile destined to find its way into handsets) appears to be little more than a moderate reskin of the Winodws Mobile 5 we all know and love, our excitement sorta tempered; instead, we started hunkering down for the real prize, Photon -- a major rewrite that's still a ways off yet. Even so, we can't help but feel a twinge of joy at seeing the beautified platform doing its thing on a Hermes in the wild, especially considering that the Hermes is basically a year old. If nothing else, it gives us hope that the lives of the handsets in all our pockets right now might be extended a bit. Don't get us wrong, we'll be compulsively upgrading our hardware ad infinitum right alongside many of our readers -- but we suspect a Hermes with Crossbow will resell for a touch more on eBay than a Hermes with old-skool 5.0, y'know?

[Via PDA247]

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