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Owners of eyeballs, rejoice! Optimus swaps back to color


After a whole lotta public outcry, not to mention our own fair share of whining over here on Engadget, the Art Lebedev peeps are Doing The Right Thing and switching the Optimus 103 back to color keys. It's naturally going to take a bit longer like this, since this new no-compromises model -- or, at least not that compromise -- will be based on some not-quite-ready-for-prime-time OLEDs. Right now the new plan is for pre-orders to take place in February 2007, instead of December 12th, and the price is still up in the air, but we get the impression Art Lebedev could've either cut features until they had an overpriced hunk of plastic nobody wants, or taken this tack, which involves a few more months of waiting, and most likely a few more dollars, but should be worth it in the long run.

[Thanks, Jimmy D.]

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