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Sony confident despite lower than expected NPD data

Blake Snow

After delivering just half of the expected 400,000 PS3s promised for its US launch, Sony remained confident on its tried-and-true PlayStation brand while responding to last month's sales data. "Very pleased" is the official response concerning the crippled PS3 launch. 1UP highlights last year's Xbox 360 shortage in comparison to paint the contextual picture: "Sony's PlayStation 3 shipments for the month of November took the term 'shortage' and redefined it. The tight shortages that suffocated the Xbox 360 last year seem overblown compared to the 197k units that Sony sold in November (Microsoft sold 326k units in November of last year), according to the reports."

Could the company actually be "very pleased" that shortages kept them from capitalizing on the biggest shopping month in American? Of course not. But this is a press release. And what alternative statements could they have realistically given? So in that vein they bust out their 112 million strong PS2 big gun, the second most sold system for the month of November, and the surprisingly solid PSP sales that have traditional been dwarfed by other platforms. Oh, and they said PS3 manufacturing issues have been "resolved." Let's hope so.

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