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Weaponmaker plans real-life version of Frostmourne

Mike Schramm

A forum post over on WorldofWar points to a blog post by the propietor of, who says he's got an interesting project on the way: a real-life replica of the most powerful weapon in Azeroth, Frostmourne. Arthas, you'll remember if you're a lore junkie, picked up the sword and ended up being cursed by it, resulting (eventually) in his being melded with the Lich King.

So a real-life version of this thing would be crazy awesome. Unfortunately, the actual blog post is pretty hypey, and there's no indication yet that these things will actually be made-- there's just promises that pre-orders are on the way, and that there will be an auction to give away the first 100 of them. Pictures are also promised, but so far all we've got to look at is a few small piece of concept art. Still, if the stuff at Weaponmasters is any indication, this guy knows how to get a cool-looking sword made.

And if this is popular, imagine the possibilities. Personally, I'd like to wield a Felstriker, but as comments on the site say, something like Uther's Hammer would be pretty amazing to see in real-life too.

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