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Canada starting their HD videophiles young with BabyHD

Matt Burns

We can think of no greater injustice a parent can inflict on their offspring then not exposing them to high definition as soon as possible and so toddlers all across the great land of Canada are standing tall today. The youngest Canadians are rejoicing that they are no longer going to have to suffer through the pains of cartoons in standard definition thanks to BabyHD. This new station is targeting the youngest crowd with advertising-free HD programming. Eventually the station will be 100% true HD but the operators don't expect this to happen till the end of the fourth year in operation so till then, at least 50% will by up-converted programs. So far only our friends up north are going to get this station but hopefully, it will make its way across the border and into our homes sometime soon. No word on when BabyHD is going to launch just yet, but we'll update you ASAP so you can pass the good word onto your toddler.

[via DigitalHome]

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