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HTC Love: like the Artemis, but not?

Chris Ziegler

We're trying to flesh out exactly what it is HTC's "Love" brings to the table, and we have to admit, we're a little confused. We've heard that it's the same thing as the Artemis, but that can't really be true because it has an extra 128MB of internal storage (for a grand total of 256MB), some new media management software, and a funky new hump near the top of the device. We've also heard it's a mild upgrade to the Artemis, but if that were the case, we'd expect to see mention of GPS on board -- and we're not. Specs we do see mentioned, however, include 802.11b/g, integrated FM radio, 2 megapixel cam, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP, microSD expansion, and a quadband GSM radio topping out with EDGE data. Looks like the Love is already filtering into Dopod's ranks as the M700, but we might hold off on pulling out the wallet until we get the GPS question cleared up.

[Via Slashphone and Pocket PC Thoughts, thanks kerunt]

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