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    Gaming mice get objective rankings

    Kyle Orland

    Evaluating high-end gaming mice has always been a somewhat subjective process, relying more on a reviewer's opinion of the mouse's "feel" than any quantifiable measures of performance. Now, a writer at ESReality seems to have solved this problem with an inventive setup that can compare mice objectively on their own merits.

    By clamping a mouse over a controlled-speed turntable, the author has created a system to accurately gauge the exact speed at which a mouse goes from "perfect control" to malfunctioning randomness. How much sensitivity is necessary depends largely on your play style, but it goes without saying that a higher top-speed is generally preferable to a lower one.

    When the final results were tabulated and weighted the overclocked Logitech MX500 reigned supreme, giving perfect control even when zipped along the surface at a blazing meter per second. If you're moving your mouse any faster than that, may we suggest looking into some sort of program for caffeine addiction.

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