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Gamasutra gets into "boy on boy action"


Gamasutra published a round-up of the Bully situation and even goes on to ask in the headline, "Is gay content on the rise?" The article serves as a primer on instances of gay content appearing in video games, but never gets close to answering the "Is gay content on the rise?" question. It may have been a nice topic to explore, but what we actually end up getting from the piece are two interesting sections with Peter Molyneux and infamous SimCopter programmer Jacques Servin. Sex in Video Games author Brenda Brathwaite also makes an appearance as the voice of sexual reason and context.

Molyneux explains that the gay content in Fable wasn't about social consciousness or trying to be fair, but pretty much was born out of laziness, he says, "Our villagers each had a simple concept of 'attraction to the hero.' We'd have had to write extra code to remove that in the case of same-sex interactions. This seemed like a ridiculous waste of time."

Servin is remembered as the man who made male-on-male kissing sprites occur in SimCopter during the mid-'90s -- he was immediately fired when this was exposed. Servin says, "Will [Wright] is great, brilliant, fun to work with ... there was no homophobia, nor was there any problem with gay content." Of course, Will Wright would go on to create The Sims, a very gay-friendly game. Although it isn't mentioned in the Gamasutra piece, Servin in a previous interview stated he added the content to get back at his manager for being overworked.

Molyneux closes the piece saying that Fable 2 will allow players to mold their characters sexuality and even allow them to choose their gender this time around, "This isn't a moral stance ... We create games for everyone, and attempt to be as inclusive as possible." Translation: Whatever gets the widest amount of people to purchase the game works for him. Money talks ...

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