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Six degrees of Nintendo Wii

Ross Miller

Here's the story of how I got my roommate on MTV. Sort of.

The statement gets hazy when you ask where (the official MTV Games blog) and in what regard (his Mii representation). Since MTV is a huge, New York-based media firm and my roommate and I are simple college students living in the Southeast, these events were pretty humorous for us. Let's go through the steps.

We did like everyone else when we first got our Nintendo Wii: we spent hours recreating everyone we knew into Mii characters. Thus, my roommate Philip made his avatar, Big Poppa, and unknowingly set it to Mingle with others in the Wii address book. Following the handy flow chart, Big Poppa traversed through our Wii to Joystiq Editor Chris Grant's Wii, which then proceeded to sneak into the Mii parade belonging to MTV Games Reporter Stephen Totilo.

The mystery of Big Poppa's identity became the topic of Totilo's November 28 entry, "Do Wii Know You?," which turned up in our daily travels. After an elated response from the flesh-and-blood Big Poppa, who proceeded to contact Totilo himself, the mystery was finally solved (see December 6, "Wii Found Big Poppa," approximately halfway down the page).

For those of you who are interested, you can peruse Big Poppa's work (real name Philip Kisubika) as a writer for our college newspaper, Red and Black. Though we are enjoying this six degrees phenomenon, we have yet to see any of Totilo's Mii creations show up in our parade.

Have you experienced the six degrees of Nintendo Wii phenomenon?

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