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Demonik from Grandma's Boy, the worst marketing ever

Justin Murray

Any of you remember watching the freakishly awful movie Grandma's Boy? We don't either (thank you selective memory), but those of you who do remember -- we feel sorry for you -- a little game called Demonik was featured as a main plot point. Guess what, the game is real.

Demonik is an Xbox 360 game being developed by Terminal Reality and being published by Majesco. The 360 billing doesn't come as much of a surprise given what we saw in the movie was just a touch too good looking to be an Xbox game.

Given Majesco's poor marketing -- Psychonauts comes to mind -- seeing Demonik featured in an bad movie isn't too much of a surprise. We didn't rush out to see if Demonik was the real deal after all. Maybe Majesco should start reassessing how they promote their games, putting them in insulting game movies won't help the image.

[Thanks, Vlad]

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