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Image credit: PS3/Wii lottery rules


It's coming down to the wire for folks who want, but don't have, a PS3 or Wii yet. is doing a lottery to determine who will receive the shipment they have. Rules are simple:

  • Your account must have been created no later than 11:59PM (Pacific time) on December 11, 2006.
  • You need an authorized credit card on your account.
  • The claim codes will be distributed only to randomly selected customers.
  • If selected, you are eligible to buy only the deal that you signed up for.
Sign-up ends tomorrow at 11:59PM Pacific. Winners will be announced Tuesday, Dec. 19 and it looks like they'll be announced ONLY on Tuesday, Dec. 19, so don't forget to check if you win. Good luck shoppers that don't want to fight traffic, weather, malls and/or sleep overnight for their console.

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