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Around Azeroth: Bloodlord Mandokir


For those out in the audience who have never visited the Bloodlord Mandokir in Zul'Gurub, I will explain this shot, sent in by unlucky reader Leviathan of Kul Tiras. In this shot, you see Mandokir hovering over a knee-height human. Now know that he starts the fight the size of an ordinary troll -- but every time someone in the raid group dies, he gains a bit in strength and size. If that doesn't sound bad enough, there are also spirit healers encircling the courtyard, who will offer to resurrect you if you fall during the battle -- so you can have people dying over and over again. By the time Mandokir is the size you see him in this shot, though, I'd say it's past time to call a wipe.

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