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Axion's 10-inch portable DVD player with 1Seg TV


There are plenty of 7-inch portable DVD players on the market. However, there are few with 10-inch displays and even fewer with an integrated digital tuner for mobile TV. So if either of these matter to you (and chances are, they don't unless you live in Japan or Korea) check Axion's AXN5109TN with Japanese 1Seg tuner. It packs an 800x480 pixel resolution into the panel and supports standard DVD and music CD playback as well as DVD-R/RW and CD-R/RW discs laden with all the MP3s, MPEG-4s, and JPEGs you can muster. The battery only manages a weak-sauce, 2.5-hours of continual playback and the whole kit weighs in at 170-grams / 0.37-pounds and 1.7-inches thick. An external analog tuner (pictured) is also available for capturing legacy terrestrial broadcasts if you must. Watch for it in Japan where it hits December 20th for about ¥38,000 or right around $322.

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