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Bungie talks Halo 3 documentary, Brutes


Posting on NeoGAF, Bungie mouthpiece Frankie denied rumors that Brutes will be playable in Halo 3, and he did so again in Bungie's most recent weekly update. Writing from a coffee shop (the only spot in town with power), Frankie explained that the Brutes' role will be enhanced in the third Halo; specifically, Brutes will be made "more exciting, clever, graphically impressive, terrifying, numerous and angrier" -- but absolutely not playable.

Frankie also confirmed that a documentary video will hit Xbox Live this week, ostensibly focusing on Halo 3's Campaign mode. And, in an effort not to deny potential Xbox 360 owners, Bungie promised to make the video available for all to see -- not that the alternative is even conceivable (hint: it's called 'YouTube').

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