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Hauppauge intros WinTV HVR-3000 tri-mode TV tuner


Hauppauge has busted out a new TV tuner in PCI card form for those who prefer to keep such things out of sight, this one packing three separate tuners to meet your compulsive viewing needs -- although just how many of those you'll be able to take advantage of will depend on where you live. Running an even £100 (or a not-so-even $195), the WinTV HVR-3000 will let you snag DVB-S digital satellite, DVB-T digital terrestrial (à la Freeview), and plain old analog cable TV signals, working the usual PVR magic on each. To sweeten the deal, Hauppauge has also managed to squeeze an FM tuner onto the card and, of course, will throw in the requisite remote control so you can get your couch potato on.

[Via Tech Digest]

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