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Human Head hints at Prey 2 features


Prey was one of the first Xbox 360 games to really have a good deal of hype before its release. While the game itself may not have fulfilled all the hopes and dreams of its followers, it did turn out to be a fairly solid shooter. The level designs were interesting, the weapons were cool, and the story was neat, if a little sparse. In a retrospective interview with CVG, Human Head's Chris Rhinehart speaks briefly about what's in store for Prey 2. Rhinehart hints that portals will definitely have a larger presence, and that enemy AI will use them more effectively. He also mentions a Prey mod which gives players a portal generating wrench (not unlike the gun in Portal). We can only imagine that Human Head is considering something similar for the sequel. He concludes by saying that the team has ideas that are "way beyond" what was seen in the first game and that Human Head will "definitely be taking things in a different direction next time." We really enjoyed Prey, and we're looking forward to what Human Head will do with a sequel.

What would you like to see in Prey 2?

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