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Popalive remote lets you spin iPod tunes at a distance

Cyrus Farivar

If there's one downside of having an iPod dock speaker setup in your corner, it's the fact that in order to skip a track, you have to actually walk up to the iPod and press the forward button. Fortunately, various companies have been hard at work on solving this problem by making additional peripherals for existing iPod accessories. While KeySpan already came out with one of the first iPod remotes, called the TuneView, complete with a screen and controls, Alive Style is ready to release a rival remote -- the Popalive -- which looks surprisingly like a knockoff iPod. But possibly the best part of the Popalive is that it uses radio waves, so you can control your iPod through walls just to freak your housemate / spouse out -- that is, if you're willing to throw down $150 for the pleasure.

[Via Sci Fi Tech]

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