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LG VX9900 "enV" reviewed

Chris Ziegler

With the sheer volume of pre-launch press swirling around it, expectations were naturally running high for the VX9900 "enV," Verizon and LG's update to the deeply-adored VX9800. Does it live up to the hype? MobileBurn put the enV through a gauntlet of tests, and yeah -- it looks like the split-personality candybar is going to make most of its owners very happy people. The QWERTY keyboard apparently isn't the best in the business, but it's still workable; battery life and sound quality are decent, while the 2 megapixel cam is a welcome addition. The UI proved to be a bit on the quirky side, but that's pretty much par for the LG dumbphone course. Newfound VX9900 owners, be sure to give us some real-world perspectives in comments on this one.

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