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Wii woes: some win, some lose, some sing blues

Kevin Kelly

Wrapping paper has been torn open, ribbons unraveled, and bows ... unbowed. Did you score yourself a next-gen console? We noticed while driving around the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex that some enterprising entrepreneurs decided to sell PlayStation 3s out of the back of their car trunks for $800. However, no one was lining up to buy 'em. A sad sign advertising Wiis for sale was discarded in the ditch near the same sellers, leading us to believe that they'd run through their supply of Wiis.

Further confirmation came when we found this article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in the form of a play detailing the trials and tribulations of finding a Wii this holiday season. Did you have as hard of a time? We checked a few area retailer shelves, and they all had the same story: accessories galore, consoles none. What about you?

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