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Free respecs in TBC... for rogues and druids

Mike Schramm

Even though we all got free talent respecs with the release of the 2.0.1 patch, some players were still hoping for another free respec with the release of the expansion-- quite a few players (myself included) are currently using raiding or PVP specs, and planning to change back over to PVE or solo specs when the expansion hits (to make their way up to 70), and were hoping for a free respec to do that with.

Neth the Snowwoman put the kibosh on that idea today, though. There will only be free respecs, she says, for the classes with "significant changes implemented"-- right now, that means only Rogues and Druids will have all their talent points refunded for free come the Burning Crusade. Warriors waste no time (2 posts!) in QQing that that means their class isn't changing, but the bigger concern is just the gold. I bought another respec after my free one on my Shaman just to try out the new talents, and if I don't get a free respec with the expansion, I'll definitely be buying another one at 61, and one more at 70. The cash adds up after a while.

A few players suggest resetting the costs on respecs at the very least. But come on, I'm paying $40 real life (actually $60, for the CE). The least Blizz could do is give me a break on spending money in the game.

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