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Best Buy selling hoarded PS3s tomorrow morning


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If you happened to spot a PlayStation 3 (or seven PlayStation 3s) at your local Big Box store this past week but had your hand-slapped when you tried to buy one, then pay special attention to tomorrow's Best Buy circular. Looks like our internal (and poorly spelt) memo was dead on; each store has a minimum of 25 60GB PS3 units, with some stores having as many as 60! In order to keep the violence to a minimum, stores are going to be handing out tickets "one hour prior to store opening on Sunday, December 31." According to their holiday store hours, Best Buys will be open tomorrow morning at 10am, meaning interested gamers (or tardy eBay profiteers) will need to be there by 9am to collect their ticket ... though we'd suggest getting there a couple hours early.

[Thanks, anon!]

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