LipoSonix aiming for non-invasive body sculpting

We're sure there's quite a few of you out there that have already vowed to make good use of that Nike+iPod kit you received this holiday season in order to shape up in 2007, but for those who just don't have the time (or adequate willpower), LipoSonix could help you fool everyone into thinking you actually kept your resolution. While liposuction has become frighteningly common here in the States, a Seattle-based medical device company is hoping to give folks a "less invasive" alternative to the messy methods currently used. Preferring the term "body sculpting," the company claims that its technology "works by focusing high-intensity ultrasound through the skin into precise locations within subcutaneous adipose tissue, which permanently disrupts the adipocytes without damaging the epidermis, dermis, or underlying tissues and organs." In short, a specially crafted ultrasound transducer can purportedly eliminate unwanted tissue quickly, causing "minimal downtime and bruising" to patients, and hopefully costing less than procedures done today. Although we can't promise this (admittedly bizarre) technology will be available by year's end, initial clinical testing has reportedly been quite successful, but until a few more guinea pigs have survived for an extended period of time, we'll be sticking with the tried and true "working out" method.