XBLVM a big success, Lionsgate on board

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XBLVM a big success, Lionsgate on board
A recent press release confirms that the Xbox Live Video Marketplace has been a huge success. In only two months, Video Marketplace has become one of the top distributors of high definition downloadable media. According to Comedy Central senior vice president, Caleb Weinstein, Video Marketplace has become the second highest performing digital outlet for the network. Warner Bros. vice president for video on demand, Andrew Mellett notes that the service has "exceeded" expectations and has become one of Warner Bros' "top distributors." Again, this is a substantial achievement for a service that just debuted in November.

In related news, Lionsgate has signed on to bring several of its movies to Video Marketplace in 2007. Some of the notable movies on the list include Crank, Blair Witch Project, SAW III, Ninth Gate, and the best date movie of the year 2000, Requiem for a Dream*.

*This is a joke. Requiem for a Dream is not a good date movie at all. It's weird and it gives us nightmares.

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