Sony wins an Emmy for the XMB [Update 1]

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Sony wins an Emmy for the XMB [Update 1]

You probably heard the news by now: Sony won an Emmy. In fact, they won two. One for their "revolutionary" SIXAXIS DualShock controller ... and another for the Cross Media Bar, or XMB, for short. This navigation system, first introduced in the PSX, allows users to quickly scroll through a variety of media types, like Photo, Music, Videos and Games. It was made popular by the PSP, and is currently used by the PS3, and will expand to the Bravia line of televisions.

Sony's new PR head, David Karraker is pictured, undoubtedly trying to shoot a fireball at fellow Emmy-winners, Nintendo.

[Via PSP-Vault]

[Update 1: Okay, so Sony got the award for the DualShock. Crazy, huh?]
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