ZVUE 260 mimics iPod, sports built-in speaker

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.16.07

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ZVUE 260 mimics iPod, sports built-in speaker
HandHeld Entertainment is keeping the streak alive, as its latest PMP features about as little innovation as possible, yet still manages to seem mildly attractive if you're interested in just the basics. Making a ripple a CES, the ZVUE 260 sports an unmistakably iPod-esque appearance, rechargeable Li-ion cell, built-in speaker, a pocket-friendly 4.16- X 2.4- X 0.5-inch enclosure, and a 2.5-inch backlit LCD screen. This device plays nice with WMA, WMV, and WMA-DRM, and can reportedly play back 320 x 240 video at 30fps without a hitch; moreover, the ZVUE isn't much of a burden, as the SD-based unit doesn't house any sort of internal hard drive to weigh it down. Possibly the best thing about the otherwise ho hum ZVUE 260 is the price, as it should fit in nearly anyone's budget when it lands in mid-2007 for just $99.

[Via MobileWhack]
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