Microsoft to offer downloadable Vista option

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Microsoft to offer downloadable Vista option
It sure waited 'till the last minute to announce it, but it looks like that in addition the to multitude of Vista variations it's busting out at the end of the month, Microsoft's also going to be making the OS available in more than one method of distribution, announcing today that the whole shebang will be available for download online (no, not like that). If that's not enough to push your bandwidth (and patience) to the limit, Microsoft's going to making the complete Office 2007 lineup available for purchase and download at the same time as well. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that you'll be getting any discount for your downloading trouble, and only those in North America will be able to snag the disc-less versions. In related news, Microsoft's also confirmed a few more details on the upgrade options for people that purchase one version of Vista and later find themselves craving a beefier version of the OS. Using the "Windows Anytime Upgrade" feature in Vista, users will be able to click their way from Home Basic to Home Premium for $79, Business to Ultimate for $139, Home Premium to Ultimate for $159, and all the way from Home Basic to Ultimate for $199. Those springing for the top end Ultimate edition will also be getting a bit of break from Microsoft, with the company revealing plans for a promotion that'll let you grab two copies of the Home Premium edition to go along with it for fifty bucks apiece.

[Via TG Daily]
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