Swedish bomb squad blows around on Segways

Brace yourself, but life ain't all fun and games for members of the bomb squad. We know, you're shocked, but in addition to having one of the most dangerous jobs around (like, did you see Blown Away?), these poor sods have to do it cruising around in a 30 kilo (66 pound) suit. Enter the Segway: apparently four have been ordered for use by bomb techs in Malmö, Göteborg, Stockholm and Arlanda Airport so Swedish bomb squaddies can finally show up in style, and need no longer hoof it all the way to the package site. Sounds good to us, but help a Segway out! Looks like they're only gonna get a po-po paint job, but where's the custom-fit bomb armor for the loyal personal transporter, we ask?

[Thanks to Johan for the help translating]