Vista Home Premium loosed in the US, unboxed in Oz

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Vista Home Premium loosed in the US,  unboxed in Oz
Get yer Vista... red-hot, OEM flavor of Windows Vista right here folks! Not to be outdone by our colonial fathers, we Yanks can now go on-line and order our very own copy of the latest Microsoft OS. No wimpy Home Basic version here, Newegg instead is offering a single-pack DVD copy of the 32-Bit Home Premium (upgrade, we assume) for $119.99 plus another $5 for 3 business day shipping. So call your buddies, alert the neighbors, and put your order in today for your copy a full four-days ahead of the official January 30th consumer ship date. Hey, after a five-year development time, why should you wait another day? Aussie reader Adam didn't, having already peeled away the shrink wrap from his Academic Edition in the unboxing tizzy below.

[Thanks Brad and Adam]
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