Armored Core 4 English website activated

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|01.31.07

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Armored Core 4 English website activated
Can't wait until the end of March to get your giant robot delight on? Sick of surfing through numerous different sites to catch a trailer of the game? Looking for some up-to-date, hi-res screenshots to put on the background of your PC? Your search is over. The English Armored Core 4 website is up and running. There's a ton of info to look over here, not to mention a pretty slammin' song to make you want to look around and read up on the universe that From Software has created -- manufacturers of the machines, storyline, historical mythology... it's awesome.

You can get all the screenshots and trailers you need, too. Well, not all you need, but quite a bit of content. Take a look around, see what you think. Come the end of March, hopefully the 360 crowd and the PS3 crowd will be able to duke it out online in the 8 player online matches. That could be a lot of fun!
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