Armored Core 4 -- updates, release dates, explosions!

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|02.02.07

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Armored Core 4 -- updates, release dates, explosions!
From Software is listening to their Japanese players! Thousands of user requests have been compiled, sorted, and the game has received patches and updates to coincide with those requests that seemed fair. Or parts of the game that needs balancing. Why is this important? Because the American and European gamers are going to get a much more balanced and fair title. Speaking of which, the title is getting released on the PS3 and 360 simultaneously -- March 20th.

As far as online play goes, it may not be quite as fair and balanced as the game build itself. See, the Japanese crowd has had a month to hone their skills and we quite simply cannot allow this! We must band together and show them how fast we learn to fly our mechs into battle and emerge victorious! Okay? It's a date.

Also, perhaps someone else can verify the assumption over at InsertCredit: "the aforementioned Regulation file feature may also be unique to the PS3, unless the 360 guidelines are changed. Selectable patches aren't something Microsoft allows..." What do you guys think? I thought the 360 did that just fine, but perhaps I am sorely mistaken.
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