Another PSP RPG appears!

Steven Bailey
S. Bailey|02.04.07

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Another PSP RPG appears!

Rezel Cross is another original RPG for the PSP to be released by Sony. The game has character designs by Eiji Kandeda who also did character designs for Aquarion and a script written by the team who wrote Arc the Lad III & IV. It is currently planned to be released in Japan this spring.

The story revolves around five protagonists who have received the super natural power Rezel because of some comet that returns every thousand years. Meanwhile, numerous wild animals have transformed into crazed beasts. While the heroes set out to stop the beasts, they discover an evil force that wants to use the Rezel power to take over the empire.

The game is split into 20 chapters and the heroes gain the powers of teleport, time pause, psycho kenesis, transformation and x-ray vision as they progress. In addition, the battles are in full 3D with an XMB like interface and the heroes get skill points to unlock new abilities and Rezel Arts as well as Hyper Rezels.

[Via The MagicBox]

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