Neonode's N2: the iPhone is just "following" its lead

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Thomas Ricker
February 12th, 2007
Neonode's N2: the iPhone is just "following" its lead

We knew the announcement was coming, now here's the product: the Neonode N2. According to Neonode's 3GSM press release, "Apple's iPhone and several other manufactures" are just "following the lead set by Neonode." Of course, they are referring to their N1 which stuttered onto the scene back in 2004. Hyperbole aside, the quad-band GSM / GPRS N2 does look pretty sweet bringing MiniSD support to store your media, a 2 megapixel camera, and a 2-inch, 176 x 220, 65k color, and of course a touch-screen display all boxed up in a small 47x77x14.7-mm / 70-gram package. We'll try to get a hands-on of a working prototype from our crew in Barcelona later today. Until then, color us skeptics... we've been burned by our Neonode enthusiasm before.
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