LG handset chosen to lead GSM Association's "3G for All" campaign

Brian White
B. White|02.20.07

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LG handset chosen to lead GSM Association's "3G for All" campaign
Is the world ready for "3G for All?" LG Electronics thinks it is, as the world's fourth largest handset maker (having been just recently surpassed by Flickr-lover Sony Ericsson) scored a major coup at 3GSM last week when it was announced that one of LG's handsets will lead the GSM Association's "3G for All" campaign to make sure everyone and anyone knows that 3G is alive and well and that they should subscribe. Now. Anyway, the LG model KU250 will end up being sold for about 30% less wholesale than the typical entry-level 3G phone. The meat from LG here is that this handset, even at the lower entry price, will be very competitive with the multimedia second-generation handsets selling now. The KU250's dimensions at 15mm thick will have support from 12 global wireless carriers at the outset and was chosen from 19 handsets submitted by eight vendors. For pure GSM fans, it may be a little of a mixed bag, as the GSM Association chose a handset with a chipset supplied by Qualcomm. Hey, we're all part of the WCDMA burgeoning family, right?
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