Reader UI of the Week: February 14 - 20

Paul Sherrard
P. Sherrard|02.22.07

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Reader UI of the Week: February 14 - 20

This week, Krool (of the guild Heartless, on Daggerspine US)shows off his pre-TBC UI, so think of this as one of those flashbacks you may see in LOST or Jericho or whatever show is doing flashbacks this week. I remember using Charcoal's unit frames and fonts way back, but could never develop an appreciation for, or understanding of, Discord Unit Frames. I'm really digging the borders around the UI elements, separating them from the rest of the screen. Is there any way to do something like this without Discord?

Anyway, I digress, and here's Krool to tell you about his UI:

Here's a screenshot of my UI. Unfortunately Charcoal isn't working any more and I'm so sad. It was my favorite bar auto-configurator of all time. As far as basic action bar, player and target bar geometry flexibility, Charcoal pwned everyting else I've ever seen. Crash said he's working on it, but it's going to take some time. But having said that, the screenshot enclosed is my UI the way I like it best of all at any time since the original beta when I started playing.

My philosophy of interface is that I don't want any extra anything anywhere on the screen. I need things to be bottom-heavy so I can see all the fighting going on, and so that info for myself and my target are near my feet, where my eyes are most of the time. I prefer as little as possible in the actual fighting field so I can see what's going on.

I have actually switched this week to MazzleUI based on your article, just to give it a chance. So far I like it, although I think those guys need to work on the preferences pane a little bit, and give the user an option to scale the whole display up from the lowest UI scale without breaking the whole thing. Plus, unlike Charcoal, there's extra crap everywhere on that interface and you can't change the basic geometry of the bottom bar.

The Addons in the picture are:

Charcoal (custom FlexBar and Discord Unit Bars configuration system by Crash)
CT MailMod
CT Raid of course

Druid Bar

And several other invisible mods that do little utility things for me, like AutoProfit and Lootink.

Although Charcoal Fusion has not yet shown up, there has been a little discussion going on about it with the creator over at WoWInterface.

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