Steampunk IBM keyboard mod

Sick of living in the post-industrial present? Long for an alternate universe where steam trumps electricity? Well, unfortunately, while we can't offer you a complete transfer from the land of "the now" into a steampunk universe, we can show you a way to make it feel like Queen Victoria and the era she represented lasted until the ripe old age of 170. Full instructions for how to convert a 1980s era "clicky" IBM keyboard into an input device that would look at home in a movie adaptation of a Jules Verne novel are available on The Steampunk Workshop: just add a steampunk laptop and you're set. Honestly, if there was one keyboard that could give the Optimus 103 a run for its money in a "coolness" face-off, this would be it. Then again, we always were suckers for mixing retro with modern.

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