Samsung Q40 gets SSD, just like big brother Q30

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Paul Miller
February 27th, 2007
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Samsung Q40 gets SSD, just like big brother Q30
It's anything but surprising that Samsung would follow up the Q30-SSD with a Q40 edition, but we sure are happy to finally be out of the Celeron M dark ages -- the Q30 was really showing its age. Now instead of slumming it to get some Sammy-flavored SSD, you can snap up a Q40 with 16GB or 32GB of NAND preloaded. Oddly, with all that Core Solo ULV power and Intel 945GM chipset -- ok, not exactly blazing -- we're surprised to see that Samsung is still sticking with good ol' XP instead of showing a bit of Vista sheen on this 12.1-inch unit. Perhaps the Q50 will finally have it all? The Vista-less Q40 will be hitting Hong Kong "soon" for an unannounced sticker price.

[Via Core Duo News; thanks Staska]
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