Windows Vista gadgets running on WM6

Brian White
B. White|02.28.07

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Windows Vista gadgets running on WM6
If you're already a Windows Vista fan, are you using all the gadgets on your desktop too? If so, would it not be great to take some of the sleek usefulness of those Vista gadgets on your WM device? How about Vista gadgets on that shiny new WM6 handheld -- or even newer Windows Mobile-powered digital picture frames like the i-mate Momento 70? There is a proof-of-concept being worked up by Microsoft-ite Mel Sampat that may indeed allow you to get those wonderful gadgets on that WM6 device -- hopefully soon. Perhaps Microsoft will get official on WM6 gadgets soon before the iPhone's OS X steals a little thunder. Until then, those WM6 gadgets are apparently in pre-beta stage for the time being with no available timeline on an official Microsoft release.

[Via Slashgear]
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