Engadget's 3rd Birthday Giveaway - Day 3 - Bake us a cake and win an OQO Model 02!

It was tough to find something better than a Wii or a GeForce 8800 GTX to cap off three days of birthday day giveaways, but we scored a pretty sweet prize for ya: an OQO Model 02! But that's just the grand prize, here's the complete list of stuff you can win today:

  • OQO Model 02

  • Samsung Blackjack

  • A copy of Gears of War and an Xbox 360 Wireless Headset

  • v-moda vibe la mocha headphones

  • Mystery swag bag #2

So what do you have to do to win? Well, the results of last year's cake contest we're so, uh, delicious, that we decided to do it again this year. That's right, bake us a gadget-shaped or Engadget-themed cake, send us a picture (or pictures) and we'll pick five winners (as judged by the editors of Engadget). Last year's winners were pretty freaking awesome, so don't disappoint us!

A few rules:

  1. No photoshops. Seriously, we shouldn't have to explain this one. Take lots of pictures -- be able to prove it's your cake, and that it's real! Note that you don't actually have to mail us a cake.

  2. Contests are open to anyone in the U.S. Unless you work for Engadget or Weblogs, Inc.

  3. Enter by dropping your pictures of your cake in comments, or email your pictures in to contest (at) engadget (dot) com, subject "Birthday cake" (no quotes).

  4. Yes, even professional bakers are allowed to enter, so let's see some creativity! Best cake (as judged by Engadget) wins!

  5. You've got until 11:59PM EST Tuesday the 13th to enter your cake.

  6. You can enter this contest more than once and you may enter our other Birthday contests, but you can't win more than once. If you happen to win more than once (which is pretty unlikely, but still) we'll ask you to choose just one of your prizes.

Thanks and good luck!

P.S. - Today's our official birthday, thanks for three amazing years!