Origin intros Pogo Alert speed camera warning system

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Origin intros Pogo Alert speed camera warning system
Origin Technologies may not be making many friends in Switzerland, but the company is certainly doing its best to cater to other Europeans who prefer not to take speed limits literally, releasing a range of devices that warn of an impending need to slow down. The company's latest product is the pint-sized Pogo Alert, which offers many of the features of its full-size units in a slightly less conspicuous form. That includes the company's Origin360 database, which boasts coordinates for speed cameras locations across Europe (with updates available for download), as well as a detachable laser detector that's "future legislation proof." Of course, you won't get things like 3D maps or turn-by-turn voice guidance, but if you're driving fast enough to need one of these you probably want to have as few distractions as possible. If that sounds like your thing, you can snag one now for £249.95 (about $480).

[Via Navigadget]
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