WoW Moviewatch: Nihilum kills Magtheridon

Eliah Hecht
E. Hecht|03.05.07

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I would've titled this "How to Kill Magtheridon," except there's not very much strategy that can be gleaned from this video. Still, it's an entertaining watch, and I love PvE vids. Unfortunately, there's no embedded version that I can find anywhere, which means if you do want to watch it, it'll be a 255 MB torrent or direct download. [Edit: YouTube version now in place; muchas gracias, Aphext] It alternates between MT and Paladin point of view, and it took me until halfway through the video to figure out what seemed so odd about the pally -- he's a Blood Elf! I know BC leveled the playing field gear-wise, but it still surprises me that a less-than-two-month-old character is doing bleeding-edge content, and winning at it. There's a raid warning towards the end of the video reading "Bravo first try" -- was this really Nihilum's first try on the boss? If so, bravo indeed! Also, I couldn't quite make out what the loot was, aside from one of the T4 chest tokens and some gold. Anyone have any guesses?

[thanks, Babbon]
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